The Demon Shadow

Book 1 of The Bishops’ Sacrifice There is a unique love in this world that is one of humankind’s most potent forces, the love between mother and child. This book tells of such love and recounts a mother’s struggle to find the answers to her daughter’s disappearance.  Guided by the Sterling psychic visions, Barbara Bishop-Harding… Continue reading The Demon Shadow

The Family Curse

Book 2 of The Bishops’ Sacrifice Why has Melissa Harding disappeared? Her mother believes that she is the victim of an ancient family curse—and her husband thinks she is nuts. But as the day for the ritual sacrifice draws ever closer, forces of good and evil begin to gather. There is Sterling, the mysterious psychic… Continue reading The Family Curse

The Guardian Alliance

Book 3 of The Bishops’ Sacrifice Only two days until the Full Blood Moon. Martin waits in anticipation of becoming all-powerful. Tommy waits for the blood moon to free him from his family’s constraints and make him incredibly rich. Melissa waits in horror. The blood moons meant her death and the death of her little… Continue reading The Guardian Alliance