The Demon Shadow

demon shadow book cover

Book 1 of The Bishops’ Sacrifice

There is a unique love in this world that is one of humankind’s most potent forces, the love between mother and child. This book tells of such love and recounts a mother’s struggle to find the answers to her daughter’s disappearance. 

Guided by the Sterling psychic visions, Barbara Bishop-Harding has discovered a dreadful truth: the murderous Taylor family link associated with her Bishop ancestry through an awful curse many centuries ago. To sacrifice the innocent blood of one female child of the Bishop family, her family—so that a wizard’s soul could return in physical form. The only obstacle in Tobias’s plan comes from a mother’s willingness to face death itself. Her efforts to save Melissa, the daughter destined for sacrifice, will catapult the helpless Mother into a hidden world where powerful magic does exist. 

Sometime later, while preoccupied in her quest, she is informed that her youngest daughter Rachel has been abducted. The horrifying news is devastatingly harsh and rocks Barbara deeply at her core. Thankfully, she does not face this battle alone. Unknowingly, placed within her coat pocket, she discovers an enigmatic weapon, the crystallized tears of another, insensible Mother. Who had centuries ago offered her daughter for sacrifice to the evil sorcerer’s morbid dream of immortality? 

At the most opportune moment, armed with this new weapon, Barbara unleashes its full potential when a dark, hideous presence is discovered prowling in Melissa’s bedroom. The powerful release of protective magic repels Tobias in his spiritual form. In another attempt, a young girl named Jessica Taylor daringly tries to steal the crystal; at this point, Barbara understands how desperate the wizard has become in his need to be resurrected. No Bishop ancestor is safe from this curse that stretches back 500 years.

Unknown to Barbara, Jessica’s older sister Heather is secretly working to thwart the very evil that threatens the two families. The girl’s father, Martin Taylor, being possessed by a powerful evil force, has no choice but to perform his master’s bidding. Regrettably, He has dug up from an ancient grave a jeweled dagger and book of powerful magical spells to sacrifice Melissa during the upcoming “blood moon.”

When forced to confront the existence of evil, Mother Barbara Harding is willing to ingest snake venom, fight against giant spiders, and wage war upon a summoned dragon—even die, if that will be enough to save both her daughters from certain death. 

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