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I remembered reading in the local newspapers about a little girl taken from a campground many years ago. At the time, being a parent myself, my heart went out to the family. I felt how awesome it would be to help the family find the missing girl if I had psychic abilities. Sometime later, I read a book and thought to myself, hey, I can write better than that guy, but what to write about was the question? 

Then again, the thought of being a psychic detective invaded my imagination. All the while, I kept thinking of that missing girl. Later more news surfaced about how the police were baffled and couldn’t understand how she vanished without a trace. By this time, I created a character named Sterling, a psychic detective who helps a mother find her missing daughter Melissa. 

In the beginning, my dear mother was the only one that read those few pages on paper and loved what she read, but more than that, it was her reaction that perked my interest. I couldn’t believe that anyone would enjoy reading about Sterling, but I was wrong.

My Community

I’m always encouraged when I hear someone tell me how much they enjoyed reading one of my books.  Its been a hard road to travel but still I’m digging at the mines hoping to discover a newfound treasure throve. Please feel free to contact me to answer any questions and provide advice?

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Currently, I’m promoting my Facebook page on social media. I hope to tell more of my upcoming projects in the future.