The Courageous Adventurer

book cover of the courageous adventurer

A new brotherhood formed by a blood ritual. The Iron Born Pirates, feared and hated above all swashbucklers, were considered the most ruthless band of Buccaneers sailing upon the Spanish Main. They rob and destroy at will, with no one to end their reign of terror. They are brothers of blood until the end of life.

Shipwrecked…abandoned…rescued by the enemy  

Should he save a pirate’s life to gain his own freedom? Or face an ignoble death in a tropical dungeon. These are the choices British sailor Thomas Banish is faced with when he is rescued from sea by his enemy, the Spanish. If he saves the pirate, he must become one of them. He will never see his home and family again. Truth or lies…loyalty or treason…death or life. These are the decisions an Iron Born Pirate must make every day. How will Thomas’ decisions affect his countrymen? His newfound blood brothers? No matter the choice, there is always a price to be paid.

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